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Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

cc|analytics for predictive maintenance is a WEB app in the Cloud. Analytics is based on mathematical models to optimize business decisions and ranges from data mining, operations research to machine learning.

Analytics offers solutions that contribute to the optimization of decision making for industrial, commercial and service companies. By combining predictive analytics and operations research, holistic solutions in the field of prescriptive analytics can be developed. Analytics offers an intelligent forecasting system – the Forecaster. A permanent control system can monitor the quality of the results and independently correct significant changes through the mathematical algorithm. In the forecaster, central characteristics of the consumption time series such as trend, seasonality and variance are analyzed and evaluated by the system. The analysis module can determine the functional properties of the influence of external factors (e.g. temperature, day of the week). The analysis results are used to determine the optimal forecasting method. This enables industrial, commercial and service companies to make the right decisions for the future from data from the past and other influencing factors.

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